Boomer Tech, LLC. delivers smartphone, tablet, and laptop education to you and your friends at your community.

Together, we've got this!


Let’s face it, you are already fabulous; but as a life-long learner, there are times you aren’t feeling as “hip and groovy” when it comes to using your smartphone, tablet, and laptop; collectively known as mobile devices. With so many applications you can run and constant updates, they can be intimidating! We can make it easier by teaching you how to use this technology.

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At Boomer Tech, we deliver technology education using your smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers to you, at your community. We offer a wide variety of classes from beginners to intermediate learners.

Our training is about taking what you have learned and applying it “hands-on” during the class. We pride ourselves in delivering content; that you can easily apply to enrich your daily life.

At Boomer Tech, we love this stuff and are thrilled when we see the lightbulbs go on in the classroom.

The learning is easy, relevant, and convenient. Oh, it’s fun too, delivered with a highly-interactive twist.

Imagine Your New World!

Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to:

Watch your grandchild’s first soccer game live on Facebook.

Get free dining gift certificates because you book your reservations online.

Download books to an e-reader for a fraction of the cost of a book.

Book your tee time at a reduced price.

Get concert tickets online below face value to see your favorite 60’s band.

Book vacations at a discounted rate.

Be the first to know the Cubs won the World Series by getting news alerts.

Don’t get left behind!


We feel it’s about time you boomers show your kids and grandkids you know how to use your smartphones, tablets, and computers too!

Why Boomer Tech is different:

  • Boomers teaching boomers (okay, there might be a Generation Xer or two)
  • Deliver active, hands-on, and practical training
  • Provide real-world examples, making the content relevant and easy to apply
  • Paper-based course materials for you to take home
  • Conduct optional “Making it Stick” labs after each class.
  • We make the learning fun!
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