“The problem with quotes on the internet is you can never be certain they’re authentic.”

– Abraham Lincoln

How We Do It

To optimize the learning experience, Boomer Tech focuses on these key principals:

The Learning Retention Pyramid

Displays the various training delivery methods and relative retention rates.

We deploy the “Practice by Doing” yielding 75% retention.

Everyone knows that not only the Lecture style is boring, but it has the lowest retention rate as well, a mere 5%. YAWN!

Our objective is to make sure you can apply your learning after leaving a Boomer Tech class.


A “multi-pronged” approach

To ensure the learning “sticks”:

  • Deliver the actual hands-on, interactive training class
  • Distribute training materials used for your reference during
    and after the class, designed to reinforce the learning
  • Hold “Making it Stick” (MIS) Labs designed to fill
    in any learning gaps – personalized attention!
  • Encourage learners to write about their experiences on our website, on our blog page. This just might be one of the only blogs where no political posts are allowed!

Our policy

Boomer Tech is committed to assisting adult learners by delivering a hands-on approach, and making it convenient with training classes near you. We aim to empower the Boomer generation with the skills needed to confidently utilize available technologies today and in the future.