Take Hold of the Future

Remember when telephones were big, bulky, and attached to the wall with wires and cords? They weren’t exactly convenient, but they were simple to use. As long as you knew your numbers and how to talk, you could have a conversation with anyone in the world. We didn’t see the first mobile phone until 1973, and that thing was a brick! It weighed almost two and a half pounds. With ten hours to charge it fully, that phone only gave users half an hour of talk time.

Technology has advanced in a short amount of time. Think of all the changes we’ve seen! We’ve gone from having three or four television channels to cable and satellite TV giving us hundreds of options. Even kitchen appliances we take for granted, like the microwave oven, were once hailed as tremendous scientific breakthroughs. Things that used to be the conventions of science fiction have become items we use every day. It’s the future now, and it is amazing.

But many Baby Boomers feel bewildered by this rush of advanced technology and new equipment. Research has shown that only 18% of Boomers would feel confident enough to figure out a new cell phone or tablet by themselves. 77% of the same demographic admit they would need some assistance in learning how to use a new mobile device.
There’s no need to fear the future. Boomer Tech is here to teach Boomers how to take full advantage of their mobile devices. Boomer Tech offers fun, informative classes that can teach you all about social networking sites, face-to-face communication, and even how to find the music that you love online. Don’t feel left behind or out of touch! Whatever you want your phone to do for you, Boomer Tech can teach you how to do it.