“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.”

-Emo Phillips


We have been in the business of teaching new technologies to adult learners for over 16 years at many of the largest corporations in the world. We feel it’s time for boomers to get more out of your mobile devices.

Have you been curious about social media sites like Facebook? Have you ever used FaceTime or Skype to connect to your family when you can’t be with them? What about the money-saving applications (apps) you can download? We’re talking saving serious coin here!

Do you want to share your vacation pictures with your family, but don’t know how to do it? Are you longing for that great music of the 60’s, yet you don’t know how Pandora, iTunes, or Spotify can help? Rock on!

Because you are a life-long learner, you thirst for this knowledge, but you just don’t know where to start. Start with Boomer Tech.



Our affiliate, Teksoft Ventures (www.teksoftventures.com) has successfully delivered technology training to over 400,000 employees working for the “who’s who” of the Fortune 500 and healthcare systems. If you need to train warehouse personnel in Amsterdam, accountants in Equatorial Guinea, or VP’s and CEO’s; Teksoft Ventures has it covered.

I got to thinking that we can take our adult learning approach, tweak it a bit, and apply it to deliver much-needed technology training utilizing mobile devices to boomers.

Over the past 16 years, we have delivered training to employees who were required to learn by their employer. At Boomer Tech, we deliver training to life-long learners who want to learn and value this new-found knowledge. It couldn’t get any better!

Who We Are

  • Baby Boomers teaching boomers (okay, we might have a generation-x’er or two)
  • We have been there and know where you came from. We aren’t stalkers, but we experienced this “tech boom” too.
  • Adult learning truly happens because our facilitators relate this “technology stuff” to what you are already familiar with; we “make wisdom easy.”
  • What is important to you? Connecting with family and friends; saving money and building a sense of community? Through your mobile devices, we help you with these and enrich your life!
  • We deliver hands-on, practical training. No lecture style only, because we know how boring that is!
  • Many of our facilitators have taught thousands of employees at several Fortune 500 companies.
  • OH, and by the way, did we mention we make it fun?


Boomer Tech is committed to assisting boomers take a hands-on approach by making it convenient with training classes on location at the community. We setup classes onsite for Boomers to learn computer skills in the community where they live. We aim to empower the Boomer generation with the skills needed to confidently utilize the computer systems in place today.